Buy Gold Metal Detector & Shipping

Buy Gold Metal Detector with IRAQ METAL DETECTORS that is a global leader company in the field of metals, gold and groundwater detection devices, we always proud to offer our dear customers from around the world, the latest and greatest collection of diverse devices for prospectors the amateurs and professional alike. With wide options that fit with the potential and the needs and desires of the customer at competitive and unprecedented prices.

How to Buy?

It is easy to order our products via simple steps, you can contact with the sales department for any question on prices and payment methods plus shipping or any question.

Shipping Methods

Our company ships its devices and products across the world’s largest shipping companies to all European, African and Middle East countries, and all over the world to guarantee the arrival of our devices to our dear customers with ease and in the best status and as soon as possible.The shipping department in our company after confirming the contents of the shipment encapsulates the products purchased by customers with the latest and the best methods in the products packaging, to fully maintain the products intact, to deliver it to the hands of our customers without any fractures or damage or deficiency.Our company is responsible for shipping the product and the client does not bear anything that occurs to the shipment, also we make sure to maintain the minute deadlines in the delivery of the shipment to the customer in accordance with the specified time, we also provide the client with a special shipment tracking number, and he can track his shipment through the website of the shipping company.We take attention to our dear customers that our company policy based on the principle of maintaining the client’s privacy and confidentiality of deal, and we will not provide any third party with any private information about the customer, in order to guarantee not assigned to any legal or financial consequences